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Occupational Therapy


What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Occupational Therapy helps one to achieve success within their individual life “occupations.” For children, this includes areas of dressing, playing, eating, attention, mobility and social participation. We help children develop skills necessary to follow directions, get a long with others and increase hand and body strength. Furthermore, we help children effectively regulate their sensory system in order to be successful in all areas of life.

Skills addressed in each session but not limited to may include:

Cognitive – remembering letters, shapes and sequences

Fine motor – finger dexterity, wrist and forearm control, and hand strength

Gross motor– balance, strengthening and body coordination

Self-care  – dressing, bathing and self-feeding

Social  – taking turns, listening and following directions

Developmental milestone- sitting, crawling and walking

Visual motor and visual perception skills

Who pays for OT treatment?

OT is a medical based service and may be covered by insurance.  Evaluations are completed using standardized tests, written assessment, observation and consults with caregivers and teachers.

Where will OT sessions take place?

Sessions will take place at your child’s preschool or home. An individual plan of care will be created with obtainable goals and implemented during therapy sessions. The frequency of therapy vary according to a specific child’s needs and may  be seen two or  three times per week for six months and then a re-evaluation will take place. 

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